Founded in 1955, Dixie Youth Baseball currently boasts over 400,000 participants in hundreds of leagues in 11 Southern states.

Dixie Youth Baseball was originated in the year 1955 in South Carolina in the name of Little Boys Baseball Inc but later changed to Dixie Youth Baseball Inc. in 1962 Initially, 12 leagues and 537 teams were associated with the league, however, over time it has become the second largest youth baseball program for pre-teens under the age of 12 years.

Today, Dixie Youth Baseball boasts of hundreds of leagues in eleven Southern states. The reason for this phenomenal increase in numbers is due to the fact that Dixie Youth Baseball has the youngsters’ welfare at heart. It believes that a properly supervised baseball program is instrumental in preparing a child for future challenges in life.

It is the policy of Dixie Youth Baseball to promote the development of strong character, a right attitude, a sense of responsibility, and citizenship in youngsters, using the game of baseball as a vehicle. It is the purpose of Dixie Youth Baseball to achieve this goal through fair play, good sportsmanship, and congenial fellowship, with adult leaders providing the example.

For more information on Dixie Youth Baseball visit www.dixie.org

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