Adult Baseball

Grifter AB

  • GEAR INSIDE - special tapered geometry consisting of elongated grooves inside, provide a softer feel, greater performance and a larger sweetspot
  • MONGREL COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION - removes the whip feeling in traditional two piece bats providing one piece performance
  • RESONANCE PROOF TAPER - (Ancient Combat secret) but, combined with Gear Technology provides for a zero sting and vibration two piece bat
  • 100% Alloy barrel, durable, does not "break in"
  • 100% Composite handle, super flex and isolates vibrations from the players hands
  • 2 5/8" Diameter
Ceritfied for BBCOR by NCAA, allowed for play in NFHS in 2011 and beyond, (BBCOR required by NFHS for 2012)
Model: GRIFAB1

Length 31 32 33 34  
Weight 28oz. 29oz. 30oz. 31oz.  

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