Senior League Baseball

B4 Portent SL - 2 3/4

When athletes and engineers work together, the result is a bat that's close to perfection. We spent three weeks on the field with some of the best young (and not-so-young) hitters we know and the top engineers in the industry. The result is the B4 Portent. Combining our athelete's vision with our engineer's expertise, the B4 has the lightest swing weights ever created supporting the largest sweet spot available. The taper flex, handle flex and barrel trampoline combine to make the B4 a continuous store-and-release monster. Think beyond the warning track. Think beyond the fence. Think beyond the park.

2 3/4" Barrel

Model: B4SL210

-10 DROP
Length 25 26 27 28 29 30 31  
Weight 15oz. 16oz. 17oz. 18oz. 19oz. 20oz. 21oz.  

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