Adult Baseball


The Combat Backbone baseball bat has been designed from the ground up to behave just like a wood bat, but to last much longer and to use much less of our diminishing supply of high quality hard wood. Simply put, the bat combines an unbreakable composite handle with a rock hard maple barrel.

Wood bats are not strong. On average at least one wood bat breaks in every high school baseball game. This makes using a low cost bat an expensive proposition. Most wood bats break in the handle or in the taper. The Combat Composite Backbone uses a high strength composite backbone that runs the length of the bat (thus, the name). It also means the bat is more likely to stay in one piece if it does break, making the game safer.

  • Dramatically improved durability due to virtually unbreakable composite handle
  • Better, more consistent, balance and swing weight than a old-fashioned wood bat

Model: BACKAB1

-3 Drop
Length 31 32 33 34  
Weight 28oz. 29oz. 30oz. 31oz.  

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