Ottawa, ON (Canada) - January 2012

Combat Sports Inc, is proud to announce a partnership with Scorecard Athletics to initiate the Team Combat All America and National Tournament Team Baseball Programs.

Combat Sports Group is the fastest growing brand in the game of baseball. Combat is not only regarded as product and engineering experts, but as a company that has a genuine love and enthusiasm for the game. Combat strives to understand what players need and want by following their For Players By Players motto. It is with the ability to understand the desires of players and the needs of parents that Combat has chosen Scorecard Athletics to select the All America Baseball Team and the National Tournament Team.

“Scorecard Athletics is devoted to assisting players in reaching their post secondary school goals at the highest level of competition possible. Evaluations and rankings are made through the use of their innovative statistical computer formula and by traditional on the field assessments, Scorecard is by design the most complete, the most accurate, and the most affordable program in baseball.” Steven Sutherland, President Combat Sports Group

About Combat Sports

Combat Sports has been extremely successful in the past 10 years as the fastest growing North American baseball/softball and hockey manufacturing company. They have been supplying composite and hybrid composite products for both their own brand as well as for high end brand name companies since 1998. Combat has a reputation for their premier and innovative composite technology with the latest composite advancements in performance and durability, servicing players from the grassroots level to the elite professional levels.

For information about the dates and locations of the evaluations and tryout for the teams please go to or to or you may call Scorecard Athletics at 1-866-204-3976