My son just received his B4 last week for use in 8U tournaments and all-star games. The bat is awesome. He is typically a slap/singles hitter with good speed. He has been using a Mattingly bat so far this year (sorry Donnie, your still my favorite player).

This past weekend (with the B4) he hit his first home run and had three LONG shots that turned into triples. The tournament is an “unlimited” so the kids can use whatever bats they want. Others on the team have B-1’s and B-3’s and have had good results. Once they try the B-4 the other bats go back in the bag. My son said when he makes contact it feels like the bat is magic. He has had a smile on his face for the last 72 hours at least.

I NEVER thought I would be a Dad who would spend that much on a bat for an 8 year old. Now, I am as happy as he is that we made the purchase.

If anyone is considering purchasing this bat my advice would be to stop thinking about it and get your order placed. The B4 is the REAL DEAL.


Thanks again COMBAT. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for next year. We will be 1st in line.