“I just wanted to let you guys know that Combat is running rampant in Nashwauk, MN. My son has hit three home runs in the last three games. The first one was hit to the fence at 250 feet, for a in the park home run. The last two were hit last night, during a double header in Grand Rapids, MN. The first one was an all-out bomb over the fence (from what the other opposing coaches told me), at least 240-250 feet in the air. The next one was a rope about twelve to fifteen above the ground and over the fence, with a distance about 220-230 feet. I just wanted to keep in touch with you guys like I said I would, and to let you know how well a Combat Bat performs. The opposing coaches were in awe how much pop that the bat has. One of the opposing coaches is also huge into hockey, having played for an NHL team. So to keep Combat and Ballistik in the loop, I am bringing my son's Ballistik stick to a baseball tourney this weekend so he can check the stick out. I have been talking to many people about Combat bats. From the people I have talked to, I know some of them have ordered a bat through the website.”