”I have recently become a big fan of the Combat B1.  My son has either been at the top, or within the top three in home runs as an 11 year old in the 11 & 12 year old Majors division in the city. He plays at Western Little league in Lubbock, TX, where we inter-league in the Majors Division with four other little leagues.  Last year, Western Little League sent a team from all three divisions to the Little League Texas West State All-Star Tournament.  The Majors and 11 year old All-Stars won Texas West going on to their respective regional tournaments.  My son's 10 year old team finished third at the tournament. We first heard about Combat by word of mouth through our friends on the 11 year old team. Unfortunately, the 11 year olds found out about Combat at their regional tournament in Arkansas the hard way, by playing against two teams from the Houston area that were using Combats. Our 11 year olds parents were so impressed that they tried, unsuccessfully, to have several Combats [sent overnight] to their hotels in Arkansas. These boys lost for the first time as an All-Star team in Arkansas. There's no doubt that the Combat B1 is the best bat on the market.  Subsequently, I have bought two in the last three months and I now have my name on the list at a local sports store (Play-it-Again Sports) for the new Virus that is coming out in June. Western Little League is optimistic about sending several teams back to the 2007 Texas West State tournaments and beyond, especially because this year our boys will be armed with Combat B1’s and Viruses.”