“I just wanted to tell you that your products, specifically the Da Bomb youth baseball bat is by far the best bat on the market today. I coach an 8U Little League team in League City, Texas. I bought a 29/17 Da Bomb last summer and saw incredible results with my son, Nicholas. A couple of the kids on my team tried his bat and went out and bought their own. Altogether we had 4 Combats on the team. We finished the league 11 and 0, went through the playoffs 5 and 0 and won 16 games in a row. I was selected to manage our All-Star squad and got a few new kids to try the bat. Two of my bats cracked prior to the start of the tournament. I was left with one fully broken in Combat, so I decided to buy a new one. That bat was hot right out of the wrapper and we rode those bats to League City's first District title since 1983. With the All-Star team, we were exposed to many different bats and nothing even came close to comparing with these bats. I just wanted to let you guys know I am a big believer in your product and have ridden them to a 24 game winning streak in Little League Baseball. I am always singing the praises of your bat and people think that I work for you! I just tell them to look at the results! We were nicknamed "Team Combat" because when the umpires inspected our equipment, all we had were Combats. Thanks for a great product!”