“My name is Jerry Raeckers.  I am the coach of the Tampa Bay Bulls 10 & Under AAU baseball team in Tampa, Florida.  Below are the current AAU baseball standings for the 10U division for the state of Florida.  As you’ll see, we are 12-4 on the season 2 months in.  I’m not one to brag, but our team is almost as good as your bats.  I have spoken to a few of your associates over the past 6 or 7 months concerning questions about your products and everyone of them has been a tremendous ball of knowledge right down to the young lady that answers the phones.

Our team started using your bats this past September.  I purchased 1 29/19 B1.  The rest is history.  There are now 14 of these bats in our dugout including 4 of the B2’s that came out in December.  That brings me to the next bat.  I just purchased a big barrel from Just Bats when I found it on their website this past Wednesday.  I had it shipped here by Friday night and we used it in Saturday’s games.  The ball came off like a rocket launcher.  This is the hottest bat I’ve seen in 6 years of coaching my 2 sons’ baseball teams.  You guys have out done yourselves with this one.  Our home field is part of a Pony Baseball Complex and I have gotten a tremendous amount of parents to purchase the B1 & B2 bats after watching our team play.  If you guys are aggressive enough, your big barrel bat will take over Pony Baseball being that their rules allow for big barrels at any age.  Start making them as small as 27 inch when you catch up with production on the larger sizes.  Believe me, half of the kids in the 5 & 6-year-old Shetland division at our park use big barrels.  The park we play out of is one of the elite and most successful Pony Baseball Leagues in the state of Florida.  If I can help in the further success of your company in any way, please let me know.  People kid with me that I will buy any new baseball bat that Combat makes, however, it’s true.  I purchased a B1 in September, a B2 in December and a big Barrel in March.  I guess I’m waiting on a B2 big barrel in a few months.  I just bought my 5-year-old nephew a 27 inch B1 for his birthday.

Lastly, I probably should have checked into this seven months ago, but how do I go about being a distributor of your products.  I’ve been in sales in the wine and spirits industry my entire life and I could sell your products to anybody once they see their sons demo your bat.  It’s not hard selling the best product on the market.  Keep up the great work.”