“Thanks so much for all of the support that your company provides. As a Combat dealer I couldn’t be happier with the product, the service and the direction of the company. The "grass roots" marketing that you guys do is unreal! Your ability to stay that "little company" as you continue to grow and to knock off the big guys is awesome!

Our business also supports baseball and softball on several levels. Our "Team Combat" baseball program is home to 71 kids that play on 7 different teams in all age groups. We work very hard to promote your product 24/7.

I am thankful to all of you for your support and for making our little baseball program and my shops feel like a part of the Combat family. We were Combat supporters before it was cool and we will remain Combat exclusively for as long as you will have us.

Thanks Jason, Johnny McCraw, Higgy, Fred, Coop and the entire Combat team for letting us ride along with you guys as you change the face of baseball and softball…both on the field and off!”

Photo 1- Jason Kendrick and Dal Beggs met me at our local Little League Park after they spent a long day at Softball magazines "Softball Spring Training". Jason wanted to provide every kid that swings a Combat bat a free t-shirt...I told him "You better bring a lot of shirts". The North Merritt Island Little League had 4 teams playing this past Friday night. EVERY kid on all 4 teams was swinging a Combat product. This photo was taken at the conclusion of one of the games...100% market share in our town!!!

Photo 2- This photo was taken in Leesburg, Florida on Saturday at a USSSA tournament. The photo shows our 10U team greeting our little 8U team on the field after a big win!

Photo 3- Our 11U team played “up” in the 12U division this past weekend.

Photo 4- Our 11U “Major” team won the 12U division. This team is a lot like your company…they may not be the biggest but they are scrappy and get things done!!

Photo 5- The USSSA director chose three outstanding players from this past weekends tournament…they all play for Team Combat!