I just wanted to send you all at Combat an email thanking you and congratulating you all for doing such a wonderful job and being the number one bat manufacturing company in all the world. About a year ago I purchased my first Combat softball bat and although it was not one of your more popular models I was very pleased with it's performance. Some time later after most of the players on my team used it till it's death I contacted you and received another model in it's place and now I am loyal to Combat forever. I used to use all kinds of bats, regardless of the manufacturer, but after dealing with other companies who have proven that loyalty to their customers is not a priority, I, from now on, will only buy Combat. The way you treat us is unmatched by any other company. I would like to invite all of you at Combat to visit SoftballFans.com and go to the Combat forum and look for the Combatants. We are a group from all over the world that use Combat exclusively. There you will find players with some very impressive Combat collections and who feel exactly how I do about your Customer service relationship with us. We also are always willing to promote Combat as the best bat company in the world and help one another with things sometimes not even related to softball. It is because we enjoy using Combat so much and appreciate your respect for us as customer that we will continue to do so. If Combat ever wanted an honest opinion on a new product this is where you would need to go to get that information. I, as a fairly new Combatant, would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and continue our relationship as a family unlike any other sports manufacturer around. If more companies of all types treated their customer as fairly as you do the world would be a better place.

If you ever feel compelled to do something for the Combatants one of your own is a member and would know how to contact each of us. Combatants love buy-ins and are always looking for great deals and ways to get the Combat name out there.

Please continue the good work and remember that your loyalty is what we appreciate the most. Other companies only care about themselves and lose the faith of loyal customers such as myself when they are not willing to go the extra mile to do the right thing. I love your bats and will continue to purchase exclusively Combat products. Let us continue our great relationship and show the world what a real customer relationship should be like.

With great appreciation and gratitude,

David Martinez