Combat Sports/ Ballistik Hockey is very pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with Andrews Hockey Growth Programs.  The partnership will see Ballistik Hockey become the exclusive supplier of sticks, gloves and tracksuits for all Andrews Programs for the next 3 years.

"We are very excited about partnering with Andrews Hockey, it is another step in our efforts to raise awareness about our brand while supporting the growth of the great game of hockey" says VP of Business Development, Dave McNally.

Andrews Hockey Growth Programs have a storied history, training hockey players of all abilities since 1979 with the understanding that successful development as a hockey player is the product of complete personal growth.  Through scientifically researched on-ice training programs, professionally developed off-ice training and well balanced classroom sessions on topics such as nutrition and goal-setting, we strive to stress the importance of healthy living and personal excellence.

Over 20 years of continual research, improvement and experience with hockey players from around the globe is translated into the teaching of every drill, lesson, and exercise.  Our staff are hand picked; these individuals love hockey, love teaching and are dedicated to providing the best instruction and assessment as well as serving as everyday role models.

Reigning NHL MVP and Scoring Leader SIDNEY CROSBY and Dallas Stars star forward BRAD RICHARDS are just two of the names that have come through the Andrews Hockey Growth Program since their inception in 1979.

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