OTTAWA (Canada) – July 2010 - Combat Sports Inc, (Combat) is pleased to announce the official launch of their Combat Hockey division. Combat, known as composite design and manufacturing experts in the baseball and softball category, acquired Ballistik Hockey Inc. in the spring of 2008 and has spent the last 2 years in research and development of its initial product line which has been built around a first class One Piece Stick line as well as protective and accessory products. The company will focus on specific categories and business segments initially to build strength in the hockey category. It is believed that the reputation of the Combat brand, which has continued to grow aggressively over the past several years, has established a strong reputation in the sporting industry as innovators and performance leaders in the elite level category and this will show through in the new hockey line of products.

“Our Combat Hockey division launch brings strength to our position in the marketplace and provides our customers with exactly what they have asked for, the highest performing, technology driven composite products in the market”, says Steven Sutherland, President, Combat Sports. “We will continue to build on our strengths as a company using our unique technologies with cutting edge performance and continue to gain more market share as a leader in both composite design and manufacturing.”