OTTAWA (Canada) – July 2010 - In an era where “Made in Canada” Sporting Goods are practically non existent, Ottawa based manufacturer Combat Sports continues its commitment to designing and manufacturing cutting edge baseball/softball and hockey stick products in Canada despite the oversees pressures all companies face in order to stay competitive. One of Combat’s core strengths is in its technology and they continue to do that best here in Canada in their own manufacturing facility with their highest premium products.

Combat’s latest product announcement is a new revolutionary True One Piece Hockey Stick which Combat has coined “PURE”. The company says the name evolves from the sticks design, which is a “Pure” one piece, and is built with Helix Technology (Continuous Fiber) from the top of the shaft to the toe of the blade. 

“Traditional One Piece sticks have a joint bonding a blade with a shaft which causes interference in the energy transfer from the shaft to the blade, reducing performance and feel. Others reference one piece design but they are not truly a one piece stick - The Combat “Pure” is built in one piece, eliminating the joint and allowing for “Pure” energy to travel down the shaft and through the blade, giving maximum performance to the player as well as optimal feel”, says Stephen Fitzgerald, Senior VP of Engineering, Combat Hockey. “We are so proud of this product, and it is our unique process that allows us to explore this type of revolutionary development and this is the kind of thing that keeps us geeks going! We love this stuff”.

The new “Pure” model is set for initial release this fall within the NHL market as well as selective dealers in North America. Official launch will be January 2011.