In every industry, there are innovators and there are followers. The hockey industry is no different then this.

The story of MICHEL FERLAND is one of an innovator, a pioneer who has helped shape the business of protective hockey equipment since the mid 1970's.

Since the inception of the "Ferland" brand in 1975, Michel has proven to be the leader and innovator in this very competiive industry. Perhaps the greatest testament to his ability as an industrial designer was having over 180 NHL players wearing his equipment including twenty Montreal Canadians (at the same time) in the late 1970's. Michel is one of the greatest industrial designers the hockey industry has ever seen and his legacy continues as he now joins the Combat Team.

Michel has already left his mark in the hockey world with several of his products being featured in the Hockey Hall of Fame. This new chapter of his career promises to take the MICHEL FERLAND legacy from memorable to LEGENDARY.

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