Birthdate:                          16 July 1977        
Birthplace:                         St-hyacinthe Quebec Canada 
Played for:                         Team Combat Derby 

Most Memorable Moment:  USA Conference - Winning the B World or Beating USA in the Second Season of Border Battle

For those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us about your hitting style?  

I used to be considered a big Power Hitter. Now I try to be more strategic; hitting based on the game situation and tweaking my aim for the play.

What does it mean to you represent Canada in the Border Battle V?

I feel incredibly proud to be given the chance to represent my country in the sport that I love! It's an honour to be competing against the US as well.

Choose Your Weapon: Do you prefer two-piece or one-piece bat? Tell us why...

I definetely favour a one-piece bat; I'm able to achieve good bat speed already so I prefer the stiffer barrel. This week I'll be swinging a Derby Boy's.

What do you most enjoy about playing slowpitch?

There's a really great group of people who play the sport alongside myself every season, many of whom I've built great friendships with. There's also nothing that beats the rush I get when stepping on the field to compete at gametime.

What other sports, hobbies or past times occupy your days off?

I love to play hockey when I can find the time, spend time with my family, watching sports

Tell us how you became involved with the Combat family?

I started with Combat in 2006. Neil, who was working for Combat Canada offered me a chance for sponsorship. That was the best move in my slow pitch career because that opened a ton of doors. I've had the chance to assist in developing many successful Canadian programs such Demo Days, Clinics, etc.

What do you do to prepare for the season?

I go to the gym every day. Specifically, I do weights, cardio and cross training. I also try to hit at least once each week throughout the year.

Favorite Pro Baseball Team? 

I don't have any one favorite team but I've always cheered for the Yankees because my friend Bergy was a huge fan of the Red Sox!

Who was your favorite ball player growing up?

Stephane Riendeau in Canada. In the USA, there's way too many to name...

Any pre-game rituals or strange superstitions you’d like to confess?

I put my left shoe on before the right one!

What’s your perfect pre-game meal?

Pasta with chicken.

Who is the best teammate you have ever had?

To name just a few: Jeff Gare, Claude Chiasson, Jason Legault, Jeff Graus, "Shooter" McGavin. I've been pretty lucky to play with so many great guys!

What’s your favorite Combat bat?

Hands down: Derby Boy's Line because I strongly belive it's the best bat on the market right now. It's hot after just 5 swings and has excellent durability!