Birthdate: July 28, 1989 :)
Birthplace: Corona, California
Played for: 2008-2011 University of Florida, USSSA Pride of the NPF League
Accomplishments: 2011 SEC Player of the Year, 2011 Honda Award Winner, top 8 recipient, 2 time all American, 2 time academic all American

Choose Your Weapon: Two-piece or one-piece bat and why? Honestly I've been known to use both over the years. What matters to me most is the weight balance of the bat

You’ve recently had a birthday, how did you celebrate? I went to church, played a softball game n had a good meal with friends, standard behavior :)

Did you dream of playing professional softball while growing up? I actually didn't know professional softball existed until I was a junior in college. That's why we're working so hard now to get the league exposure and let little softball players know they now have the option to pursue their dreams as a professional athlete.

Other than softball what occupies your days off? I'm heavily involved in the church. When I'm not doing some activity there I enjoy DIY projects and decorating

Tell us how you became involved with the Combat family? The owner of my team Don DeDonatis has known Don Cooper  for years. As soon as I was out of college both Dons agreed I'd be a good fit to join the family, and I've been with Combat ever since!

Who has been the biggest influence on your career in softball and why? That's a twofold answer. My mom for developing my skills and passion for the game at a young age, and coach Walton for elevating my game and really teaching me to hit in college.

Do you have any crazy superstitions or pre-game rituals? I'm not superstitious at all. The only thing I do constantly before games is pray What’s your go-to meal when preparing for a softball game? I'm a really clean eater. Your body's only gonna go as far as you fuel it so I eat a a lot of lean protein n fruits n veggies

If you had to pick 1 all-time Combat bat to go to war with, which would it be? Avaritia. No doubt! So balanced and has great pop!