“I would like to compliment you on your bats. I have been a faithful user of Worth and Miken for over ten years now, but have really taken a liking to the Combat line! I love your product; the problem is there are no dealers in my area! The only way to get my hands on one is through eBay. You do not see many Combats here (Granite City, IL. across the river from St. Louis). As a matter of fact, I play league 3 nights a week and tournament here and there and have never seen a Combat (besides mine). It's pretty funny: When I bring your bats to the plate, the other teams are always asking for it to be checked because they don't know what it is, and I am always hitting homeruns with it. I even have guys from other teams coming up to me after games asking, "What kind of bat is that, that thing drops bombs". I guess that’s why they call it DA BOMB! Keep up the great job and I look forward to giving the Virus and Anti-Virus a try this spring.”