”I unwrapped [a Combat bat] at a practice while the guys were walking to the "coed depth" in the outfield because they were talking trash about having a new bat out of the wrapper. They did not expect anything before a normal break in period and to tell you the truth, I didn't expect anything stellar either.

That was a mistake! The first three pitches the bat made contact with were GONE in a hurry. Now I was laughing while they were chasing balls. I finished up taking around 30 swings and was starting to feel comfortable with the bat. Pulled it out for one swing in a game a couple weeks back to see if it was what I consider "game ready." Combat bats swings a little different than what I am used to, and I was seeing if I could have the mental edge walking into the box with the bat. I have to say it felt good.

Last night was the test. In the playoffs there was no room for mistakes, but instead of going with what I am comfortable with I decided to break out the Combat and see what it had. Ended up finishing out the night going 7 for 8 and each shot was a nice line drive to deep outfield every time, even had a couple nice knuckle balls that still traveled well. I am impressed and was getting some great comments from both teams on how the bat performed. The umpire even commented on how well the bat did, and told me he has "heard rumors on the line of Combat and was thrilled to see it live up to the hype." I thought that was cool to hear.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know and say thank you. I can honestly say that there will not be a time in my softball playing days that will be without a Combat in hand.”