“I'm finally able to sit down and give you the feedback that you wanted.  Sorry, it has been a hectic week with the first week of college and everything going on with that.  On the Anti Virus - and all I have to say is WOW.  I think the first hit out of the wrapper was a liner up the middle that buzzed past the pitcher that made one of my friends ask what I was swinging. I was able to get the AV at the same time as a Mizuno Wrath 120 Ext., so I figured that would be a good comparison for a 98 mph stick to see how it stands.  After about 40-60 hits on both bats, it is safe to say that Mizuno should remove "Hot out of the Wrapper" from their Wrath ads.  I've hit a couple 44/375 balls 330+ ft. with the Anti Virus already, while the Wrath is still as stiff as a pole and the distance isn't even close.  Also, with everything I've read online, the Anti Virus is only going to get hotter which makes my sense of anticipation almost overwhelming.  I have an ASA league up here in the spring at school, and I can't wait to whip it out. 
Also, I am nothing but satisfied with your service throughout this entire process.  Thanks for everything you and your company has done, as I don't know of any other company that would have such a giveaway deal that Combat did.  I look forward to future Combat lines of bats and you can be sure that you have gained a few longtime customers in me and my buddies. Thanks again.”