“Thanks again for your help last night.  I wanted to give you an update of your bats performance.  The Virus Morphed was responsible for all 4 of our teams’ home runs during our season opener.  Our team won 17-9.  This was highlighted because our "speed guy" (who has only hit one dinger in his career) hit a mammoth shot out of the park, and hit some poor guys Pontiac GTP, setting off the car alarm to “ooohs and ahhhs”.   The next inning, one of our power hitter's hit a ridiculous home run, out of the park, over the safety mesh, over the parking lot, through the basketball court and interrupted some folks walking their dog.  Personally, I hit a line drive home run that was still climbing as it hit the safety mesh.
The Virus Morphed performance is incredible.  Just thought I would pass this along.”