“I recently purchased a Combat Virus Senior League baseball bat for my son Alex, who is 12 years old and in his last year of Little League. Alex is not any ordinary youth baseball player, in fact he is one of the top youth prospects on the East Coast. More important for all of you, he also has been the face of Miken Sports baseball bats on the East Coast, single handedly increasing Miken's sales and also their distribution outlets in the NY/NJ area.
In a nutshell, Alex is a very flamboyant 12 year old athlete. Last year playing up a year, he hit 13 HRs and had 81 RBIs in 35 travel games for the NJ (Paramus) Diamondbacks competing in NJ, NY, Delaware (Sports at the Beach) and Cal Ripken in Aberdeen, Maryland. Alex was using the -8 SL Miken Burn for this whole winter and then began using the new Miken Heat for Little League, smashing a 2 run HR off of the best pitcher on the East Coast - from the New Rochelle Tigers, at Jack Cust's indoor tournament in the bubble in Flemington, NJ.  It was his first time using the Heat.
I wasn't thrilled with Alex using a 2 3/4 barrel bat with the Miken Burn (Blue) and I researched the Combat Virus and wound up getting one at Kelly's Ultimate Sports. After Alex's Little League game yesterday, of which he went 2-2, I pitched batting practice to him after the game so he could try out the new senior league bat. I have to tell you, I have never seen such vicious shots from the kid as I saw with him using new Virus.  I'm the only one who never uses the batting net in front of me when I pitch to him since I was a former Division 1 pitcher but he nailed me with a line drive as I could not get out of the way.  He hit five in a row about 300 feet and numerous shots over the 200 foot fence with just an easy swing of the bat. So far this season Alex is batting over .800 in Little League (7 games) with 2 HR's while in Cerbo (6 games) he is hitting close to .600 with 1 HR.   He also has 5 wins pitching averaging 2.2 strikeouts per inning overall this spring.
Right now 12 of Alex’s friends have purchased and are using Miken bats in Babe Ruth, Little League and Cerbo because of Alex and we have seen plenty of teams we played last year using Miken bats now.  If Alex has the success I think he will with the Virus, judging by yesterday's performance, he may do the same thing for [Combat].”