“I just got my son's 32/22 Virus Senior Bat in today (9/25/2007), and of course we had to hit the ball field for some cuts with his new bat. I don't mind telling you [that] I was skeptical about buying a bat from a different company, but I wanted to have something totally different from the rest of the team mates on his travel ball team. I did my homework as much as I could and researched all of the info on the Combat company and their baseball bats. I also watched the Little League W.S. and noticed the boys hitting a lot of bombs with the Da Bomb bat. I took the chance and got the Virus, but I had to make a lot of calls and I finally found the bat that I needed. Well, let me tell you, WOW! What a bat! I’m so glad I got it. The bat is hot out of the box. The bat has a nice balanced fill to it and swings very easily through the hitting zone. But good luck getting your hands on one; if you do, you won't regret it. Keep up the good work Combat!”