“I have been a Combat customer for over 3 years and purchased the Youth C-4, then B-1, Virus and Senior League Virus.  My son (10 years old) was happy with all of them. I admit I was hesitant to get the B-2. I asked myself several times, “Is it really worth it?” We have gone through the entire youth Combat line and could this bat be any better. The curiosity got the best of me and I decided to make a purchase. My son got the bat two days before a big tournament; I decided that since it was early in the season I would let him break the bat in with the weaker teams in the pool. The first day of the tournament he was hitting was batting 1.000 with 1 walk and all singles, doubles and triples with line drives in the outfield and always used the B-2. The second day he was on fire with the bat.. He hit one high fly ball that dropped to the 200 FT fence. The exit speed of this bat is incredible and better then the Virus and B-1 for him. It has upped his confidence and upped his game.  My son is one of the few kids hitting with a 2 ¼ in tournament but he hits farther than the majority of the kids with 2 ¾. The sweet spot is huge. Good job on this bat!”