“I travel to youth baseball tournaments on the weekends and here is a picture today from a Sebring, Florida team and their dugout full of Combats.  This particular team had a total of 13 Combats.  I walk around to each dugout and give away free Team Combat t-shirts to any kid that owns a Combat.  I started doing this about 2 months ago and the kids love it.  It's a great way for me to give back to our customers and I tell them that we are very thankful for their support of the Combat brand.  

In addition, I was in Gainesville, FL last Saturday and 33 kids had Combats and received free t-shirts.  As I was driving down I-75 on that night, I saw lights on at the Fort Myers youth park.  I got off at the next exit and went to the park to find even more Combats.  I handed out over 45 t-shirts to baseball and fastpitch players that owned a Combat. 

I just wanted you and everyone at Combat to know about these success stories.  I'm very proud of the product that we deliver and everyone at Combat should take satisfaction in knowing that we deliver the BEST product on the market. 

I will send everybody a picture from my trip to the Merritt Island youth baseball league game on Friday night.  It was amazing as all the players on both teams were 100% Combat.  This is a testament to the great work that our dealer in Merritt Island has done.  Scott Taylor of Strike Zone of Brevard is as good as it gets!  His two stores and batting cages have nothing but Combat for sale on the racks.  Dal Beggs (Dan Smith/Team Combat) and I handed out t-shirts to the kids and all of the parents that bought the Combats.  We both were in the area helping with Softball Magazine's Spring Training event and working with the campers that traveled down from the north.  Combat got great reviews from the Dan Smith Plagues that we had them demo all day Friday and Saturday.”