Eddie Perez
Just wanted to say you guys keep surpassing my expectations every year.  My sons all four from 11U select baseball, 9U select baseball, 6year old little leaguer, and 4year old tee baller  more
Brian Bowen
I play both U-Trip and ASA ball. I am a die-hard WORTH player Until I had an Umpire demoing the new Combat Avarice USSSA bat, during one of my games. I took the plastic off of the bat, the very  more
Michael W. Brasel
Hey Combat! I wanted to tell you thanks for making the Combat Centenarian 34/26oz max loaded! I am a kidney transplant recipient, currently on my second transplant. I have been  more
Dana Currie
My son just received his B4 last week for use in 8U tournaments and all-star games. The bat is awesome. He is typically a slap/singles hitter with good speed. He has been using a Mattingly bat  more
John P.
Hey Combat , I have used the Combat in only a few games because one of my friends has it and I hit two home runs with it! I love it and if you are ever looking for a person to test a new one or  more
Dave Sorenson
My son's Little League team won the 11 year old Little League Minnesota State Tournament powered behind Combat bats.
He swung a B2 and a B3 Gear and loved each one (in addition  more
Jim Hand
My son Michael Hand plays baseball for the Bear Babe Ruth League located in Bear, Delaware. It was during the 2008 season when the boy's first discovered the quality of your bats and used them  more
Billy Bohannon
I bought a Combat b2 for my son 3 years ago and my question is whats the average hitting lifespan of that bat? My son was at his hitting league last night and it broke now with that said hes hit  more
Don Rohrer II
Dear Combat: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for having a hand in a once in-a-lifetime experience.  On September 25th, 2010 my 8yr old son Eric (4’10” 91lbs) hit  more
Rick Rock
Got a SL B2 COMbat for upcoming tourney in cooperstown. went 5-13 with all great hits. Thanks so much, i plan to use this bat for a long  more
Mike Money
Jason Kendrick Supremacy Reloaded - Those bats are totally sick... Monster shots about 375 to 390 for some of our big guys... Anyways with shots like that, we will get questioned forsure...more
Ohio U.S. Specialty Sports Association
Combat Sports Thought i would pass along a "Thank you" to Christan Dowling and Combat Sports for her recent support of our Greater Dayton, Ohio "Legends of the Game"  more
Amanda C
Well, season is now over and i just wanted to say thanks again for the bats! Last game I hit two tripples.... wtf that never happens! Amazing, feels really good when you hit it right with those  more
Sean Rooney
I hit a home run over the fence in All Star game Branham Hills vs Los Gatos District  more
I cannot say enough about Combat. You guys really stand behind your brand and it shows with great passion and love of the game. As a player, it makes it easy to  more
Neil Teague
I have worn a number of different masks over the last couple of years and for vision, weight and all around safety, the Face Off is the best one by far. The  more
John Franco
My son and most guy's on our Little League team have Combats and all the other teams are jealous of all our  Home Runs this year...the B3's have been outstanding. We are now in  more
Christie White
My son played T-ball last year.  We got him a Combat before the season started.  This bat is hot!!! He has gone from T-ball to Allstars in one year. After the season started, three more  more
Rex Ramsey
Dear Combat Sports I have tried many of different brands of my bats in my life but none are them are as GOOD as Combat! Combat makes brands like Easton and Demarini  more
Eddie Perez
My nine year old Select Team I coach gets new bats in every year to test for our company that we get all of our bats through.  We got the new B3 in and man is this bat hot.  We have the  more
Crystal Garland
I bought my 12 year old son the B2 Combat today. His team has lost every game this season and tonight we won. Every player on his team had to try the bat and just  more
Ken Fish
Check out the new faceoff masks. Our daughter's team got hers last week and they love them. The girls had been wearing one of the other brands and immediately  more
Faceoff Masks!!
The girls love them.  They were even wearing them in the  more
I was at Extra Bases last night with a few friends and saw Neil Teague and 2 members of Higgins ComBat who were using one of other tunnels. They saw us kind of standing around watching them hit  more
Mike Rogers
My fastpitch team has been using Combats for a few years now and they are the best bats out there.  Some of the girls have other brands, but the combats are the bats I buy as team  more
Andrew Nolan
I coach 8U baseball at a park funded only by donations and money generated based on baseball and football registrations.  I can attest to the fact that the  more
Jason Kendrick
“I travel to youth baseball tournaments on the weekends and here is a picture today from a Sebring, Florida team and their dugout full of Combats. This particular team had a total of 13  more
Ryan Brown
I met Combat guys in Federal Way this last September at E Western Worlds.
My team bought three bats that day and we are all very impressed with them!
My issue is  more
Shaun Glenn
At my weekly softball game last night, one of the guys had a Virus Morphed…absolutely SICK!   Balls were leaving the park one after  more
David Martinez

I just wanted to send you all at Combat an email thanking you and congratulating you all for doing such a wonderful job and being  more

Northwest Combat/Trojans
Northwest Combat/Trojans out of Seattle, Washington came to Florida on a MISSION. Mission Accomplished! They are your new class 'B' World Champions and they did  more
World Series Combat Champions
The tournament consisted of 20  teams -  They had 4 pools of 5 teams . In order to advance you would have to be in the top 2 of your pool after 4  more
Here are the boys' division winners in the Combat only homerun derby held at the Northern League in Columbus, GA.  This league was 100% Anderson bats only a couple of years ago and they won  more
Stephen Glorioso
I met you in San Diego, I finally convinced my team to swing Combat and this was the result. We pulled two, combat plagues, out of the rapper last saturday and cut everybody in 5 innings to win  more
Jason Kendrick
“I travel to youth baseball tournaments on the weekends and here is a picture today from a Sebring, Florida team and their dugout full of Combats.  This particular team had a total of  more
Mark Pierce
“I have been a Combat customer for over 3 years and purchased the Youth C-4, then B-1, Virus and Senior League Virus.  My son (10 years old) was happy with all of them. I admit I was  more
Jason E. Bass
This past weekend the 10U Indy Edge / Team Combat claimed the NSA Muncie SportsPlex Spring Fling Championship, running our overall record to 12-0 and qualifying for the USSSA and the NSA World  more
Scott Taylor
“Thanks so much for all of the support that your company provides. As a Combat dealer I couldn’t be happier with the product, the service and the direction of the company. The  more
Jonathan W. Bareuther
“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help.  You guys have definitely gone above and beyond helping me out! I hope you guys get your sticks in the market (more) because I have  more
Jerry Raeckers
“My name is Jerry Raeckers.  I am the coach of the Tampa Bay Bulls 10 & Under AAU baseball team in Tampa, Florida.  Below are the current AAU baseball standings for the 10U  more
Jason Kendrick
“I wanted to personally thank you both for coordinating the on-time delivery of the Johnny McCraw Virus Plagues for my dealer in Florida.  This past weekend they had a Combat Virus  more
Russ Ullrich
“I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for taking the time on Sunday afternoon to work with Reece “Glide-well” Barthel and [myself].  I’m sure there are  more
Stephen Glorioso
“I met you in San Diego, and I finally convinced my team to swing Combat and this was the result. We pulled two Combat Plagues out of the rapper last Saturday, and cut everybody in 5 innings  more
Ken Tickle, Area VA USSSA Baseball Director
“I just got my son's 32/22 Virus Senior Bat in today (9/25/2007), and of course we had to hit the ball field for some cuts with his new bat. I don't mind telling you [that] I was skeptical  more
Jon Riveira
 “I just wanted to tell you that your products, specifically the Da Bomb youth baseball bat is by far the best bat on the market today. I coach an 8U Little League team in League City,  more
Alan Woinski - Paramus, NJ
“I recently purchased a Combat Virus Senior League baseball bat for my son Alex, who is 12 years old and in his last year of Little League. Alex is not any ordinary youth baseball player, in  more
Chris Cook - Ottawa, ON
“Thanks again for your help last night.  I wanted to give you an update of your bats performance.  The Virus Morphed was responsible for all 4 of our teams’ home runs during  more
Scott Taylor, Team Combat Baseball
“Our little baseball program in Merritt Island has its 2nd team qualify for the Elite 32 World Series. Last weekend Team Combat’s 11U team won the Super NIT in Florence,  more
Justin Meadows (July 8, 2009)
“Hi Combat! I am Justin Meadows. I am 6 years old. I play for Weddington and the Carolina Jr. Vipers. I love your bats and I want a B2 Da Bomb bat for Christmas so bad. I use my  more
Austin Meadows (July 8, 2009)
“Hi Combat, I'm Austin Meadows and I'm ten. I love your bats because I can almost hit it over the fence with your bat. I use a B1 but I'm going to get a B2. I hit a line drive that hit the  more
Mike G., Combat Online Store Customer (July 22, 2009)
“I am going let others in the softball community know of the great customer service you have  more
“My name is Kent Benson from Orlando, FL. I've been involved with youth baseball for 11 years.  Your bat has the most pop I have ever seen.  I'll be honest: I wasn't completely  more
Meredith W.
“My name is Meredith W. from Boynton Beach, Fl. To the people at Combat (the Combat Virus YB) is the best bat I have ever bought. I read all the things I could before I bought this bat. This  more
Steve B.
“Hey, wanted to drop you guys a note and thank you for the quality of bat you are putting on the market.  My daughter began swinging your Combat C4 and she immediately noticed the  more
Tony M.
“I'm finally able to sit down and give you the feedback that you wanted.  Sorry, it has been a hectic week with the first week of college and everything going on with that.  On the  more
Dave H
”I sent in two bats the other day for warranty replacement; one to Worth and one to you.  It took me two days to get through to speak to a live person at Worth, but you guys answered  more
Ronnie B.
”Just wanted to give you a shout to let you know that Chesapeake City Little League of Maryland, won the 10-11 yr old State Tournament this summer.  All twelve of the All Stars, swing  more
Scott J.
“My son is 11 years old and a three time All-star.  He has been using the Combat B1 for approx. three months.  During the time before he began using this bat, he had only hit 3  more
Wayne S.
”I have recently become a big fan of the Combat B1.  My son has either been at the top, or within the top three in home runs as an 11 year old in the 11 & 12 year old Majors  more
Mike U.
“I wanted to let you know that two young ladies on our fast-pitch travel team hit their first home-runs on Sunday, May 6th using the Lady Virus I purchased (33" 23oz).”
Dave L. (Anti Virus Winner)
”I unwrapped [a Combat bat] at a practice while the guys were walking to the "coed depth" in the outfield because they were talking trash about having a new bat out of the wrapper.  more
Gary S.
“I would like to compliment you on your bats. I have been a faithful user of Worth and Miken for over ten years now, but have really taken a liking to the Combat line! I love your product;  more
“I wanted to thank you guys for getting all those orders out on time for this past weekend; everybody is really excited to use [the bat].  A few of the guys who bought the packages were  more
Greg Allen Hartwick
“The first time I swung a Combat bat was in 2004 before the ASA World. [It was] the C4 model. I weighed about 200 lbs at the time. Balls were going 50 to 60 ft. farther than my MIKEN. I have  more
Robert W.
”I used your bat for the first time last night and all I can say is Holy Crap Bat Man! Amazing pop even with an easy swing and the 305 fence was not a problem for anybody on our team any  more
“I'm the manager of the 11-year old Texas State Little League champs, and I really don't know if we could have done it without the help of the B1 Combat bats. Our team belted 25 homeruns  more
Bob S.
“I just wanted to let you guys know that Combat is running rampant in Nashwauk, MN. My son has hit three home runs in the last three games. The first one was hit to the fence at 250 feet,  more
“I don't know what to say. I thought I never could be persuaded to change from Miken to anything, but the new Combat bats have made me a  more
A fan in Cornwall, ON.
“In previous years we were lucky to see 2-3 home runs in a season from our Major 11 - 12 year olds, but last season we used Combat bats, and unbelievably our Major all-star team hit 37 bombs  more
Diana and Grant
“My wife and I would like to thank you so much for your assistance in acquiring the bat for our grandson, Riley.  As you promised, the bat was at the UPS store early yesterday afternoon  more
John B.
“The distance pop and sweetspot are phenomenal with this bat; it is the first bat in a long time that I have been truly excited  more
“This bat is just flat out sick! My first three swings with it were in a game. Two lasers and a bomb later, I was really impressed.  more
Matt P.
“[I am] very impressed with this bat; it blows everything else that I have swung this year away. The pop is unreal and the distance is just ridiculous; the furthest I have ever hit with any  more
“This is the best bat that I have ever swung. The reason for that is that my 28oz. is extra en- loaded like I like it. You can't ask that from any other  more
“Big Guy”
“Definitely one of the best bats that I have ever swung! Just 30 hits and it was smashing the ball 350  more
Bob D.
“This bat rocks. The end load feel is nice. It swings through the strike zone smooth. This bat has the best pop and distance for a warranty bat.  more
“This is an awesome bat (I used the balanced version). The ball JUMPS off of this stick. This will be the bat I'm swinging in  more
“AWESOME! The distance is great. And as far as price, 10+! So if you are in the market for a new stick, give this new kid on the block a try… you won’t be  more
“Big B”
“10's across the board! You have to hit one to  more
“Great bat for the money! I must say this bat has the best feel of any bat I've swung. It just feels great swinging.  more
“The sweet spot is HUGE! The pop is incredible! I've never been a power hitter but that's all changed now! The ball was screaming off the  more
Brian H. in WA.
“This bat is hot, hot, hot and has a huge  more
Laura R. in UT.
“The slowpitch bat is great. I did my first trial run yesterday and damn… very impressive. The feel of the bat is amazing.  more
Sebastien L. in ON.
“My players are pleased with the bats so far. The pop is great, and I definitely attract curious eyes because of the sound of the hits. One great thing, even if we jam a pitch, is that we  more
Cecil L. in UT.
“We hit the sh*t out of the ball with the [Combat softball] bat; 8 out of 10 out of the stadium and we both loved  more
Steve W. in ON.
“We played two games this week. One player hit a home run and two hits off the fence with your bat (his first ever out of the park home run). He wants to keep this bat!  more
Bob L. in SA.
“My son obtained your bat in the Little League World Series and has used it this fall.  He likes it so much that we want to order two  more
Brian H. in WA.
“There is a kid who has never hit a home run and has hit 3 so far this year [with your  more
Tamra T. in BC.
“I have spent thousands of dollars on bats over the past few years and the Combat is the best bat we have ever purchased! The quality of the Combat is undeniably the best on the market.  more
“Having run a dynamic but small-town baseball program for 10 years, I've always been able to expend more on enthusiasm than equipment. So it was rare for us to buy a bat, which we did last  more
W. D.
“You guys need to advertise this product like crazy. It is most defiantly the best bat on the market and has the most  more
M. Pierce
“My son currently plays in the Dixie Youth Pee-Wee program in the United States and I recently purchased a Combat Youth C4 from you directly because they were not available in the Southeast.  more