Slowpitch Softball


Introducing our first senior softball bat, the Centenarian! Believe us when we say that this bat is TOO HOT FOR KIDS! The Centenarian conforms to the classic COMbat one-piece fully composite design that has made our bats a household name. The Centenarian uses Blended Fiber Technology in unison with Anisotropic Composite Technology to create a complex composite weave that is carefully tuned to give this bat a perfect inner design for hitting the long ball! You'll know when that long ball is coming too, as the Centenarian has a distinct "crack" when you hit it extra durability. In fact, COMbat has improved all of it's materials and designs to give this bat a 26.8% increase right on the sweetspot. It will become like music to your ears. The sweetspot is greatly enhanced by the multi-wall design that also gives the Centenarian in durability over previously tested bats! This allows COMbat to employ what it calls a Super Soft Barrel which equates to one thing: PERFORMANCE! Combined with the BFT Stiff Taper handle, the Centenarian is meant to mimic the way a tennis racket works, with incredible trampoline effect! The Centenarian is topped off with a Low Compression End Cap that eliminates end cap failures previously found on other senior softball bats, while eliminating sting for the player! COMbat: For Players, By Players! The Centenarian is approved for SSA and SSUSA. It does not come with a Warranty.

-2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

-Anisotropic Composite Weave

-Approved for Play in SSUSA, SSA and Other Senior Softball Associations

-BFT Stiff Taper Handle

-BPF 1.21

-Endloaded Swing Weight

 -Low Compression Endcap

-Multi-Wall Barrel

-NO Warranty

-One-Piece Full Composite Design

-Super Soft Barrel = PERFORMANCE

-COMbat Centenarian Fully Loaded Senior Softball: CENSP1-FL

Model: CENSP1

Length 34 34 34 34  
Weight 26oz. 27oz. 28oz. 30oz.  
Length 34 34 34 34  
Weight 26oz. 27oz. 28oz. 30oz.  

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