Birthdate:                      8/11/1974
Birthplace:                        Detroit, MI
Played for:                    Northwest Pipe, Dan Smith, Team Combat
Accomplishments:        USSSA Major World Series Champions '08, ASA Major Champions '04, USSSA All Conference Shortstop, Team USA '10


For those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us about your hitting style?

I use a baseball grip and wait on a strike to hit. A big part of my offensive game is to hit the ball around the field; therefore, swinging at strikes is a necessity.

Choose Your Weapon: Two-piece or one-piece bat and why?

I prefer a one-piece bat and light (26oz). Again... I am not a power hitter so control is needed and I feel that the balanced bat does the job best for me.

You are considered one of the best fielding Short Stops in softball history --- what size glove do you use?

I use a size 14 fielding glove. I switched from a smaller glove about 6-7 years ago because of the hops the softball takes off the bat. The glove I currently wear is the Team Combat Ultra Dry Mesh.

You’ve had a chance to represent your country 4 times as part of the USA Boarder Battle Team.  What does it mean to you to where the red/white/blue?

2nd time on Team USA: This is definitely a highlight of my softball career. It's a lot of fun to play with some of the great softball players in the US and compete on this stage. ASA does an excellent job with this event and hopefully it keeps going for years to come.

What was the highest level of baseball you played?

Played baseball at Eastern Michigan University

Other then softball, what other sports, hobbies or past times occupy your days off?

Playing with my two boys, Brayden and AJ, keeps me really busy! I also play golf and coach basketball

Tell us how you became involved with the Combat family?

I was asked to be a part of one of the early Combat teams in '05. From then on I have been with Combat. Don Cooper runs a great team/program and there was no question that this group was where I wanted to be for the rest of my softball career.

What do you do to prepare for the season?

weightlifting, running, hitting in the cage (in Michigan), hitting off a tee, groundball work in the basement (again, indoors in Michigan)

Who has been the biggest influence on your career in softball and why?

Outside of my wife Jodie understanding and supporting me playing softball --- Don Cooper: If it wasn't for Coop I wouldn't be playing softball. It is that simple. He makes the game enjoyable and understands many of the obstacles that the players run into and understands them and helps out whenever possible.

Do you have any crazy superstitions or pre-game rituals?

MANY. From the number of warm up swings to the way I put my socks on. It's kind of annoying.

Who is the best teammate you have ever had?

Scott Brown and Jason Kendrick - both play hard all the time and do the right thing on the field. They both are great guys to have on ANY team.

If you had to pick one all-time Combat bat to go to war with, which would it be?

1 bat -- Combatant. My favorite bat so far. A balanced 26oz combatant is the most comfortable I've been hitting the softball.