SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. The Combat B1 Da Bomb was the bat of choice at the Little League World Series and resulted in a walk off homerun to right field in the bottom of the eighth inning to defeat Tokyo, Japan 3-2.

The Japanese team was also swinging Combats starting in the International final where they hit three homeruns, all with the B1, including the game winning bomb.  Japan bought their B1's mid-way through the tournament from the Canadian and Venezuelan teams.

The winners were the Southeast team out of Warner Robins, GA  (7 out of the starting 9 were swinging the Combat B1 Da Bomb). They won the championship game over Japan (3-2) in the 8th inning on a 225ft homerun over the right field fence.

On the road to the Little League series, the GA team scored 101 runs and hit 47 homeruns in 13 games.  One being a 300ft bomb  in the Southeast final game. 

The Southwest team out of Lubbock, Texas came in 3rd place beating the Carribean team.  Their big hitter went into the game with 3 homeruns with his Combat B1. The Southwest team all used Combat B1s. 

The Venezuela team beat the Netherlands 21-2 on 5 homeruns with Combat B1 Da Bombs and they scored 36 runs in the Little League World Series
The West team's top three hitters out of Arizona, also swung Combats.

The rest is History!